Ethic Pandemonium 49cm Black Deck

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Ethic DTC Pandemonium åkarnas favorit, bästa däcket för rimligt pris. Lite större deckyta 113mm bredd box konstruktion, för att kunna landas lätt när tricken blir mer avancerade. Ändå perfekt balanserad och reagerar blixtsnabbt  i spinntricks. 

Technical specifications :
Material : Aluminium 6082
Längd: 49cm (19.3")
Bredd: 11.3cm (4.45")
Angle : 83°
Colors: flat black
Weight : 1260g

After 2 years of development, our latest fury is finally dropping, and we are proud to bring such an amazing piece to riders all over the world.
Our goal with Pandemonium was to offer a new type of deck; we wanted it to have ambitious and bigger dimensions, still surpassing the existing decks in terms of reactivity.
We think we reached our goal, with 113mm width and a wide profile under, it’s way more stable or rails and curbs. However, thanks to a better conception and a new heat treatment, it’s still lighter, stronger, more comfortable and well balanced.
Our new brake technology made of nylon molded on steel, brings a real difference compared to our previous versions : stronger, quiet, more accurate and lighter.

Nothing will ever be the same again.